Dr. Pascal Badiou

Research Scientist for Ducks Unlimited Canada’s Institute for Wetland and Waterfowl Research

Dr. Pascal Badiou is a research scientist with Ducks Unlimited Canada’s Institute for Wetland and Waterfowl Research. As the program coordinator for Ducks Unlimited Canada’s Agriculture and Wetlands Greenhouse Gas Initiative, Dr. Badiou is overseeing a series of national research projects that are examining the role of prairie wetlands and riparian zones in carbon sequestration and greenhouse gas cycling. Prior to joining Ducks Unlimited Canada, Dr. Badiou worked as an aquatic scientist specializing in water quality and aquatic ecology for an environmental consulting firm in Winnipeg.

In general, Dr. Badiou’s research interests focus on the ecology of wetlands and shallow lakes. He is particularly interested in how multiple stressors such as droughts, eutrophication, nonindigenous species and pesticides interact to affect the ability of wetlands to enhance water quality and regulate greenhouse gas emissions. Within wetlands, Dr. Badiou is interested in planktonic and benthic algae, especially the formation of cyanobacterial blooms and the environmental conditions that promote their development. Lastly, Dr. Badiou is interested in how the use of alternative management practices such as urban wetlands and small dams may improve downstream water quality, as well as acting as a sinks for carbon. Dr. Badiou has a B.Sc. in environmental science and a Ph.D. in wetland ecology from the University of Manitoba. He is an adjunct professor in the University of Manitoba’s Department of Environment and Geography.

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