Dr. John Jacobs

Professor of Geography, Memorial University of Newfoundland

Professor Jacobs completed a doctorate in physical geography at the University of Colorado in 1973, with emphasis on climatology and arctic and alpine environments. During his graduate studies he participated in fieldwork in Alaska, Antarctica and the Canadian Arctic. He taught from 1974 – 1989 at the University of Windsor, where he developed his research interests in the eastern Arctic. He joined Memorial University of Newfoundland in 1989 as Professor of Geography, and served as Department Head of Geography and as Deputy Chair of the Graduate Program in Environmental Science, while continuing research in the northern Canada. In 2004, Dr. Jacobs was named Honorary Research Professor of Geography. His current research is focused on climate variability and change in northeastern Canada, and includes field-based studies of boreal and alpine ecosystems in Labrador as part of the International Polar Year Program. Dr. Jacobs has a long-held interest in the sustainability of indigenous northern communities and is involved in community-based climate change monitoring initiatives with Labrador Innu and Inuit.

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