Dr. Micheline Manseau

Professor of Ecology, University of Manitoba’s Natural Resource Institute
Ecosystem Scientist, Parks Canada

Dr. Micheline Manseau is a Northern Ecologist and occupies a shared position between Parks Canada and the Natural Resource Institute at the University of Manitoba. The main research interests of her lab focus on Conservation Ecology, Animal and Landscape Ecology and Community-Based Resources Management. In the area of Conservation Ecology and Animal Ecology, Dr. Manseau’s projects focus on the delineation of ecological boundaries and the establishment of new protected areas. In the area of Animal and Landscape Ecology, her interests are also at the landscape scale, using landscape modeling and genetic data to define population structure and to identify critical areas and movement corridors for wildlife species. She works in different regions of western and northern Canada and in all cases; the projects are done in collaboration with government, communities and industries. This collaborative approach allows for the use of different knowledge systems, innovative approaches and strong linkages with management.

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